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002 Who are you? [Nov. 20th, 2006|09:58 am]
[Current Music |February Song]

Hello, you. 

My pride comes thick and I have never been able to tell you what I've thought of you. Our beautiful secrets we've shared as we were young children ran through my mind late last night and somehow, I've lost the sense of you being the big bully you used to be. And now you seem to be so far away and distant in a foreign land where I wish I could be, being no one else but your little sister once again. I wish you could taunt me again with every single mistake I did and proclaim how much better you were. Because, truly, in my mind- all I know is how great you are. I've never been able to say how much I've missed you all these years or how much I cried when you left because it made me feel so stupid, knowing that perhaps you're not feeling the same way.

But lately, my knees go weak whenever I study something to do with you and what you do. I learn about the vices you have and what you've done in life and my imagination plays its part and push me to boundaries I've never felt before, where you would leave me and I would be all alone. 

I wish I could have told you long ago how much you meant to me and that losing you would mean losing the world. But my pride comes too strong.

Still, all I've been thinking is how much I've missed you so. Come back to me, please.