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007 I wish I could update about James Bond on this entry [Nov. 29th, 2006|09:09 pm]
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Its Wednesday today, which means Double Episodes of Project Runway! 

 Kayne and Robert win the Miss USA challenge, or the one where Malan Breton gets off :( Malan was really such a good designer and it was such a shame to get off so early in the season. I guess we didn't really get to see what he was made off. But I don't particularly think Reality TV was good for Malan because he's was too soft, and his character made everyone wonder if his accent and personality were fake. Which was so sad because even Heidi was all "Is that accent fake?", but Duchess Kors made it so much better by implying "He's divine!", in a tone which sounded more like "Lets have him on the show. I must have him on the show, I.Must. I don't care what Heidi thinks. He.Must.Be.On.The.Show." I have to admit his design really used more elements of couture, its really such a shame for him to leave (see me repeat myself continuously. I have to do it.)

Awwwwww. I'll miss him so much. :(

And him, being such the lovely gentleman his is. Insisting that since it was his design and vision, he said that Kat was right and that he should be auf'd. Kat = suck ass. Even though he was kind of stubborn when Tim said it was too much, and Kat told him, it was too much and they should have changed it. Ahhhhh.... Okay. That was Malan's bad choice in partner, and in fabric colour. It looked like a tree. While Malan was being a gentleman, Katherine was pratically shouting and ranting that she clearly did not want to leave for something that wasn't her vision and blah blah blah. Put a cork in it. 

And the one where Laura wins (finally!) and Kayne gets out. Even though Kayne's designs are really princess-like and vegas-showgirl, he knows how to make women's gowns (which was why he won the Miss USA Challenge) and it was quite sad to see such a nice person leave. And there is so much drama in this episode I am already shaking in anticipation (okay, not really), how could they bring back Vincent (OMG Ew! He is still living in the 1980s!) and Angela (The girl who pisses in her pants). Even though Angela is kind of nice, I can't stop laughing whenever Jeffery makes fun of her, not her Mum though, but its still quite funny. Angela has no sense of style.At.ALL. All she wears is that kinds of poofed out bubble skirt and her knee high boots which kind of make her fatter than she is. 

*gasp* DRAMA! Heidi is clearly unaware of all the drama going on, either that or she's thinking "I am so fabulous standing among the shorties!" (okay, vincent, at least)

I can't believe they actually brought these two back! How is that possible!? They should have brought Malan and Alison back again! HUH HUH HUH. blah. What are the executive produces doing!? Oh. I guess they wanted more drama since the other five of them are so nice to each other, sans Jeffery the wild one.

Sidenote, I HATE Keith. That low-life I-only-know-hot-to-feel-up-miss-USAs CHEATER! He should not have won the first challenge. So what if he knows how to make dresses and knows womens bodies. I mean, he should, especially when he keeps touching them! Cheat cheat cheat! 

I'm not really looking forward to seeing Malan cry/ hold back his tears on National Television tonight, though I will be swingin back in time for Laura's win! Bad Mommy totally deserves the win!

The past week hasn't been anything but boring. I live to watch Project Runway every night and that is about it. But since I know I will feel guilty about sitting around not doing anything and be worried about next year so I gradually pick up the pace. At a speed of 5 math questions/ 30-45 minutes. But its not as if the questions are easy so I am glad I am actually getting down to doing something. If it weren't for a guilty conscience and the dream for a better tomorrow, I would be slacking on the couch waiting for the next re-run of Project Runway. Ugh. Disgusting.

Also since the start of our Renovation Week, I haven't left the house for quite a while. There isn't much to do. So I mostly spend my time reading and/or watching no good television since my history and biology books are piled somewhere over the bar counter top. Our dining hall has unofficially been converted to the room of junk which hosts about 70-100 boxes of books, 26 boxes of pure clothes (all mine, sadly), more than 20 bags of unused crap that I found in my room and loads of other junk from the computer room. Which we packed in 2.5 days. This is the first time in my sixteen years of life where I have gotten down to pack everything into boxes and stuff them downstairs. So, yay, Accomplishment! But it will be another matter trying to get everything up and going again when my room is D-O-N-E. 

So maybe I will end up throwing loads of stuff away, because I have this terrible knack for keeping everything. Especially rubbish, because I am a (messy) sentimental person. -> which is not seen in the throwing of letters. Oops. But you get what I mean. There are some things you feel you have to do sometimes.

Hope that everyones week has been going well.

Its 907! I MISSED 7 MINUTES OF MALAN BRETON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From: yewknowuloveme
2006-11-30 03:14 pm (UTC)

the subject is ME ME ME :D

wassup! you havent watched james bond? oh man. and you odnt look fat what. hahha. your dress is nto bad! haha. and beware of james bond nipple hair! omg that rhymed....
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