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Dead Morning Exile

27 January
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I'm Asian and I change my hairstyle occassionally. I prefer heat powered stoves to gas powered ones where I don't have to click on the gas tank because I think its quite scary when it fumes up to cook your food. :( I love meeting new people and I like Apples but not mad sour citrus fruits. I have alot of ideas in my head but sometimes I can't get them out.

Anthony Bourdain makes me laugh alot. I don't really like dusty curtains or wooden blinds. I love sketching and boards but not high top canvas because my hands get tired easily from writing long history essays and I can't hold steadily anymore for line and wash painting.

I am a full history student at present. And I absolutely love travelling.

I'll tell you when I go to Brazil and eat lamb stew even though I'm not a big fan of red meat. Oh. I also need friends who can bring me around Brazil because I've never been there before. And everyone says I can't go there till I grow up because I heard its not safe. Maybe I will go there soon.

I've lived in Hong Kong and San Francisco for a short period of time but I mostly reside where I am currenly studying. At least for a short while more till I grow up and study abroad.

I don't like soccer. I've played competitive basketball for 4 years and I've stopped now but I'll play again next time. Just not competitively because the people will kill you.

yay holidays. I love St Patricks Day. I'll go to Ireland and celebrate it next time. And I can get angry easily. ahaha. Its funny sometimes.
Okay maybe now you know me a little.